How would you really like to? Our design examples:

Unicatum shines with an infinite variety of ways. Whether as shelving, cupboard, cabinet, office furniture, sideboard, library or as a room divider: unicatum for each space offers the perfect solution. Here are some configuration examples:

Sideboard „Lissabon“ (127 cm)

 office furniture „London“ (206 cm)  cabinet / shelve wall „Barcelona“ (285 cm)

shelve „Tokio“ (127 cm) droop „Mondrian“ (206 cm) bookshelve „Rio“ (206 cm)




Turn your personal interior design ideas into reality...

Select from a variety of high-quality materials and fine colors for the glass elements. Or use your creativity
to paint and design glass elements yourself. More colors for both wooden and glass elements as well as
larger glass elements (to create bars, desks, or living room tables, for example) are available on request.



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