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For the love of design


The long-lasting love and passion for art and furniture design has been the foundation on which ANB art & design is built. Bernd Hermann (Müller), the founder of the company, together with their team follow an inner impulse in order to be able to create objects that are both modern and of timeless elegance. Many of their concepts and products aim at the customer to become creative themselves and bring their ideas to life.



And so does unicatum, the latest product launched by ANB art & design. unicatum is a unique furniture system allowing customers to express their personality and create individual pieces of furniture by combining floor and side panel elements according to their specific needs and preferences. Furthermore, customers may paint and design glass elements themselves using acrylic paint.

Besides their creativity and passion, which are crucial elements in the work of Bernd Hermann, it is especially their open attitude towards life that determines the company’s philosophy. Intellectual curiosity has always been the driving force of the two likeable masterminds of ANB art & design, combined with the joy they feel when it comes to refining high-quality materials by means of novel compositions of color and shape, thereby transforming ideas into reality in a playful manner.



Between creativity and quality craftsmanship

The past few years have seen a number of concepts and product lines developed by ANB art & design. All of these objects and pieces of furniture oscillate between traditional and post-modern, between applied and free art, while at the same time marking a highly individual position. What is particularly impressive – besides the perfection in handcraft – are the special techniques used by the designers of ANB art & design, which usually are quite elaborate and involve a lot of experimenting.


The company’s mission of delivering products and solutions of extraordinarily high quality is central to the work of ANB art & design. The company is headquartered in Flehingen near Karlsruhe, amid the idyllic Kraichgau countryside. There the two designers find ease and inspiration to develop the visions allowing them to create new products and design solutions. All partners and suppliers of ANB art & design are located in the same region. This geographical proximity ensures high quality standards, as it facilitates a high level of collaboration and interaction between all parties involved.  

One thing is for sure: ANB art & design will continue to come up with visionary ideas and innovative concepts inspiring design aficionados all over the world.


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