What is meant by MDF wooden panels? (Our base material for unicatum)

The medium-density fiberboard, or medium density fiberboard / MDF is a wood fiber material, which in the European Standard EN 316, paragraph 3.2.3 as fiber board manufactured by the dry process, wird.Der defined name is derived from the fact that its density between the timber and the lies of wet fiber boards.

The product was invented in the U.S., and found in Europe until the late 1980s, a larger distribution. Because of its technical characteristics MDF but has since been the world's fastest growing wood products.

From feinstzerfasertem mainly barked softwood and by gently pressing into the longitudinal and transverse direction equally homogeneous wood material is prepared. The edges are smooth and solid, and can without special Anleimer werden.Das profiled material is ideal for lakieren, coat, veneers, encase foiling, and. Easy production of waves, arcs and circles MDF also has a high strength and low deflection.

What is meant by HPL? (Our laminate for unicatum)

High Pressure Laminate is a thermosetting plastic that by pressing and gluing at least two layers of the same or different materials entsteht.Die called HPL has proven to be particularly robust. Our soils and angle of the carcass consists of MDF, which is provided at the top and bottom with "High Pressure Laminate." This composition is particularly Möelsystem our impact and scratch resistant. In addition, HPL assignments are immune to hot pots and pans, as well as against all common household chemicals.


For comparison, many vendors normal particleboard with PVC edges and thin melamine Beschichtungen. This price variation is approximately 20 times lower than our materials!

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