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In the current issue of the journal home! Design (June 1 at the kiosk) is unicatum designed as a flexible system introduced for city apartments and in the current issue of Casamia (available by mid-June), the architect magazine, is unicatum as TOP recommendation for 2012 listed with a nice report.

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 Issue 03-2012 Wohn!Design 

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Wohndesign 03-2012 Titelseite                      



The shelf "Unicatum" is due to the individually combinable elements and color front glasses to a real storage wonders that also meets the high standards of design lovers

Issue 02-2012 casamia

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casamia 02-2012 Titelseite    



"How will we set up in the future?"

  The answer: Unicatum is among the top recommendations!

"What makes unicatum: ground glass elements and side walls can be moved ..."

Issue 04-2012 möbel kultur

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Möbelkultur 04-2012 Titelseite



"High-quality materials and furniture and shelving very special presents the art director ANB Art & Design. Thanks to the extraordinary design means that" Unicatum "convert in seconds without any tools from the shelf for a room divider or a sideboard."

Issue 04-2012 exakt

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"The almost sculptural yet minimalist acting objects and home furniture designer oscillate between tradition and postmodernism, between applied and fine art and mark yet an individual position. Impressive are - in addition to the technical perfection - the experimental and sophisticated techniques to design where the designers.

 03-12 Holz Zentralblatt

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Also on the Blickfang fair in Stuttgart was unicatum again in focus.Visitors and the press were enthusiastic about our innovative furniture concept

"The designer Nadia Zaoui and Bernd Müller develop visions for new products. This exclusive furniture and shelving system" Unicatum "is designed so that it is within seconds and without tools from the shelf for a room divider, or turn it into a sideboard can be."




01-2012 Kölner Stadtanzeiger

01-2012 Kölner Rundschau


At this year's imm cologne unicatum was undoubtedly one of the highlights. Visitors and the press were enthusiastic about our innovative furniture design. The demand was overwhelming. And so it is not surprising that the press unicatum gladly used as headline for your reports. Here are some examples:


"Always be flexible shelves: it gives the meantime as a kit that can be depending on the apartment and screen fully assembled individually.

For example, "Unicatum" art of ANB & design. Without tool to install and remove.

And just as you want - and how it fits precisely.

Walls disappear, and with them all the conventions - is at imm Cologne watch what happens when traditional spatial boundaries are broken. "


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